Elders Group
Funeral Committee
Marriage Committee
Masjid Committee
Youth Committee
Zakaat Committee

Madrasah Committee

Head of Madrasah Committee
Mr Iqbal Dalvi

Madrasah Head Teacher
Maulana Junnaid Rumaney

Mr Abdul Jabbar Roghey
Mr Mohammed Mukadam
Mr Ayub Khan Pathan
Mr Shakil Mhatey

The Madressa Committee is responsible for the effective running of the Educational facilities at Masjid Al-Falaah. Collectively they ensure the Curriculum is up to date and suitable for our students, whilst also catering for all learning styles focussing on each students Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Should you wish to contact the Madressa Committee with any Query or Suggestion please email info@kmab.org.uk.