Marriage Service – Masjid Alfalah

Marriage Service

We welcome you to hold your Nikah/Civil ceremony at Masjid AlFalaah

Our strong team of authorised persons (registered with the Birmingham Register Office) consists of Akhtar Petkar, Adil Parkar, Abdul Rauf Roghey, Sameer Ukaye, Ashfak Ahmed and Aamir Nore.

The team is supported by our caretakers, Kaka Takey, Imran Takey, Mushtaq Malwankar and Jalal Mahdik (IT)

Nikah ceremonies are performed by our in-house Moulanas of Moulana Junnaid Rumaney, Moulana Athman Khan, Qari Osman and Mufti Adam Esmail.

We strive to be efficient, friendly and as welcoming as possible.

Marriage Form

IMPORTANT: Please ensure all names are completed in full and written correctly. All spellings completed on this form are final and will be used in all subsequent documentation.