Youth Service – Masjid Alfalah

Youth Service


Here at DownTown Karate we aim to teach the art of fighting and self defense while building and developing confidence and respect.
Our modern teaching techniques focus on the nature of conflicts and how to resolve them peacefully.

 We train in a hybrid form of Karate with roots in Shotokan. But as the world of martial arts evolves with the likes of MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, we have adapted those key elements into our training, thus creating a much more rounded and functional martial art for both combat sports and self defence.

 We provide classes for adults and children with all classes taught by myself, Sensei Mohammed Siraj Bharde (2nd Dan Karate, Purple Rank Muay Thai) with over 13 years experience in Karate.


Please join us for 2 free taster sessions and contact us for more details.