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Extra Virgin Olive Oil (1L)


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Experience the extraordinary flavors and health advantages of Holy Land Dates Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our oil originates directly from the unspoiled groves of Palestine, renowned as the olive tree’s “birthplace.” It is Created with the utmost dedication and precision. Moreover, our premium olive oil of natural origin assures an unmatched culinary journey.


Holy Land Dates Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential addition to your kitchen. Its opulent, fruity fragrance and silky consistency effortlessly enhance your preferred dishes. It changes them into really amazing dishes




We meticulously select the olives when they are at their peak of ripeness, guaranteeing the preservation of their splendid flavor and nutritional significance. By utilizing time-honored harvesting methods handed down over generations, we pay tribute to the long-standing tradition of olive cultivation, presenting a product that encapsulates the distinctive tastes of the region.



  • 1L
  • Available in 4 Sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1L & 3L

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