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Palestine Embroidered Hirbawi Kufiya (Kuffiyeh)


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Introducing the Black & White, Palestine Embroidered Hirbawi Kuffiyeh

“Possibly” the most luxurious quilted Kufiya made by Hirbawi. The intricate attention to detail personifies excellence.
As you wear it, feel a part of Palestine walking with you.

Experience the historic significance and craftsmanship of the Black & White, Palestine Embroidered Hirbawi Kuffiyeh. Authentically made in Palestine, this traditional headdress holds a timeless charm that has captivated hearts for over six decades.

This embodies tradition, taking inspiration from the rural farmers who originally donned this iconic pattern. As it grew in popularity, it gradually evolved into a powerful symbol of Palestine. It also represents unity, resilience, and a connection to the land.

Our Kufiya is meticulously handmade using a specific cross-stitching technique passed down through generations. These time-honored techniques are treasured by a select few artisans. who have dedicated their lives to preserving the authenticity of the craft. By wearing this kufiya, you not only celebrate the artistry but also contribute to the preservation of a cultural legacy.

  •  Palestine Embroidered Hirbawi Kuffiyeh

Please note some Kuffiyeh have tassels / some may not have tassels.

Made in Palestine

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